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Is it in the Bible?

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in announcements

Bible2We played a game at our church in Los Angeles yesterday called “Is it in the Bible?”  It’s a simple quiz that you can take yourself.  Very simply, is the phrase or event listed found in the Bible or not?  I dare anyone to get a 35 or higher on this test without cheating.  It’s got a few trick questions so take your time and read them carefully.  The answer sheet is here.  Happy Bible Study!

Using God’s Word

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

toolsIn our second lesson on Going Deeper with God’s Word, our church in Los Angeles looked at how to use the Word of God as a tool for spiritual growth.  I taught the DARE method of Bible study.  D stands for Define the question, problem or issue that you want to address.  A stands for Analyze the Scriptures for verses that apply to that situation.  R stands for Relate.  The next step is to relate the Scriptures to the issue you are bringing before God’s Word.  And the E stands for Execute.  You must finish the process by putting into practice what you learned from the Word of God.

God’s Word Endures

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

powerIn the month of November our church in Los Angeles is doing a series called, “Going Deeper in God’s Word.”  In this, the first of the series, we look at the enduring power of God’s Word.  The universe was formed by the word of God.  Our lives are sustained by the word of God.  By God’s word the current universe is held together.  From the very beginning though man has discredited, doubted, denied and disobeyed God’s word.  Each time our rebellion has the same result.  But we don’t seem to learn.  We simply repeat our mistakes.  I called the church to be wise and not pulled into the current philosophies but to appreciate the word of God and make knowing it and obeying it a priority.

Crucial Conversations

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

conres3Our church in Los Angeles had its final week of focusing on going deeper in our relationships. I did a message called, “Crucial Conversations.” Running into other people’s weaknesses, shortcomings and sins is inevitable.  If we are going to deepen our relationships we have to have a full relationship tool box.  Jesus had to deal with knuckleheads every day.  We look at the different ways he dealt with others’ mistreatment of him.  Finally, we discuss how to know when to use which tool.

Romantic Love

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Bob and Barb 1983In our continuing series on deepening relationships in the month of October we had a good discussion on the topic of romantic love.  Our church in Los Angeles is talking about going deep this fall.  In this lesson, we looked at the different aspects of romantic love.  I shared the story of my engagement to Barb and showed our wedding picture from 32 years ago.  I included the picture just so you can see the mustache.  It’s a classic.  Romantic love is not just for movies and songs–we can have it in our lives as well.