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Better Together! (Part 2)

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Better TogetherThis is part 2 of the lessons on women’s spiritual growth given in our church in Los Angeles.  It deals with the critical issue of understanding attitudes.  Learn what an attitude is and how to change it in order to grow spiritually.

Let’s Grow Together (Part 2)

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Grow TogetherHere is the second lesson to the men on the subject of spiritual growth.  We look at what maturity is and how to become more mature.

Better Together!

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Better TogetherThe women in our fellowship have entitled their spiritual growth plan for the fall, “Better Together.”  This is the first of two classes that Barb Harpole will be doing for the women.  She focuses on the importance of spiritual growth and that spiritual growth is much more likely to happen when other people are involved.  Part two next week will focus on the importance of attitude.  Our church in Los Angeles meets on Sundays at 11 AM at the Roybal Learning Center in downtown LA.

Let’s Grow Together

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Grow TogetherThis fall we are focusing on growing spiritually.  This class was for the men of the fellowship and focused on the motivations and practicals of growing spiritually.  We looked at several hallmark passages of Scripture on the subject of spiritual growth and then had a discussion about each of them.  I have edited out the comments since the microphone did not pick them up.  Also, the class ends abruptly because of a technical snafu.  But you’ll get the point.  Let’s grow together this fall!

Job Well Done

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

dreamsOn this Labor Day Weekend I did a message about work.  Work is not a bad 4-letter word.  When you think about it, the very first thing that the Bible records is God doing some work.  This is a pretty thorough Bible study on the topic.  The points include that work is in our nature, the benefits of working, the dangers of working and how to become a better worker.  We spent a lot of times in Proverbs.  I also share about my worst job ever.  We had a fun discussion about it.

Life Training Series

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Spiritual VisitorsWe recently completed our Summer Life Training Series in our church in downtown Los Angeles.  This time we divided into men and women for our times together.  I taught the men a 3-week class entitled, “Men of Steel and Velvet.”  We looked in depth at the Bible about what it truly means to be a man.  We found that Jesus, the ultimate man, was someone who could be described as a man of steel and velvet.  His steel qualities of strength, determination and responsibility were beautifully balanced by his velvet qualities of compassion and humility.

The women were taught by Tommie Owens from Lancaster, California.  She did a 3-week series on great women of the Bible.  The first week was a study about Elizabeth.  Week two took a look at Ruth.  And in week three the women studied about Rahab the prostitute.

Here are links that will let you download these lessons.  Enjoy!

Men’s Classes

Men’s Class Week 1

Men’s Class Week 2

Men’s Class Week 3

Women’s Classes

Women’s Class Week 1

Women’s Class Week 2

Women’s Class Week 3