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The Truth Will Set You Free

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts, Updates

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.Eric Nelson taught our lesson at church yesterday called, “The Truth will Set you Free.”  He looks at John 8 and the hard teaching of Jesus about living life by the truth.  He calls us to examine our commitment to Christ and our asks us how active our faith is.  Check out the podcast for the entire message.

This upcoming Sunday we are going to have a Missions Sunday.  Koko Enrile, the minister from the church in Manila, Philippines, will be our guest speaker. Koko will inspire us with the work in Manila and remind us of why we give our special contribution.  Our special contribution is scheduled for May 8 and a portion of that contribution will go to support the churches in the Philippines. We are praying for a 10 X our weekly contribution on that day.

Sunday, April 20 is Easter Sunday!  Come out and visit us on Resurrection Sunday and bring a friend with you.

Have a great week!


Go in the Strength you Have

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts, Updates

springtimeIt’s hard to believe that March is almost over…March Madness has the Final Four coming up this weekend.  The Master’s golf tournament is less than two weeks away.  To me, that has always meant that spring has arrived.  Ah, Springtime! Easter is April 20th this year, which is very late in the year for the holiday. Dodger Stadium will light it up in about a month.  The summer concerts, farmers markets and cookouts can’t be far behind.

I taught yesterday about Gideon.  Gideon is the “Hero for Zeroes.”  His story is told in Judges 6.  It’s a really cool story.  The Midianites had been oppressing the Israelites for 7 years (God was disciplining the Hebrews for their disobedience).  The Midianites would come in every year and destroy all of the crops and livestock of the Israelites.  The story begins with Gideon hiding from the enemy in a wine press threshing what little grain he had.  An angel appears to him and a great story ensues.  You can hear the entire message by clicking below.  Or you can subscribe to the messages in the middle box at the top of the page.

Upcoming Events

Spring is a great time in the church.  Here are our upcoming events.

April 6–Sunday

Serving Sunday–We have this act of service several times a year.  You can serve the homeless on Skid Row in several ways.

    • Arrive at 8:30 AM to prepare lunches for the homeless
    • Bring a care package of items that you would want if you were homeless
    • Go to Skid Row and deliver the lunches and care packages to the homeless
    • Donate money to help cover the cost of the lunches

Sunday School at 9:15 AM

    • Eric Nelson will begin the second session of our Sunday School called, “Life in the Kingdom.” It’s an in-depth Bible study of Sermon on the Mount.
    • This is great for young Christians. It is also inspiring for Christians of any age who are looking to get deeper into the Bible.
    • Also, Eric will be preaching to the church this Sunday. Should be awesome!

April 13–Sunday:  Missions Sunday

  • We are excited to have Koko Enrile from Manila as our guest speaker.  Our special contribution is coming up in May and a portion of that contribution will go to the Manila church.  Koko will inspire us about what God is doing in this foreign land.
  • We will also be collecting our monthly Contribution for the Needy.

April 20–Sunday: Easter Sunday

  • Be inviting your friends and family to this special service entitled, “New Beginnings.”  With God, it’s always time for a new start.

April 27–Sunday: Fellowship Group Sunday

  • About once a month we meet together for worship and then break into our Fellowship Groups for communion and fellowship.  Fellowship Groups are based on geography and include members of all ages and stages of life.

May 18–Sunday: Special Contribution Sunday

  • This is our annual Special Contribution.  Our goal is $50,000.  A portion of the money will go to the churches in the Philippines.  The rest will stay here in the Metro LA Region to support the local work here.  Be planning now for this important day!  The contribution comes out to around 12 X our weekly contribution.  This group has proven to be generous time and again. I believe this time will be no different.

It is an honor for Barb and me to serve this great fellowship.  I hope you have a great week!


Can I Trust the Bible? Week 1

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in Life Training Series, podcasts

Early ScripturesOur church in Los Angeles has a Life Training Series that got started this week.  This podcast is a lesson from Marion Owens about how we can trust the Bible as the word of God.  In our world today there are many questions about what is right and wrong and about who God is.  Is the Bible a book you can trust for that information?  Marion looks at the facts surrounding the Bible and discusses the credibility of the documents surrounding the Bible.  If you have questions about whether you can trust the Bible this is a great class for you to listen to.

The Holy Spirit Week 1

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in Life Training Series, podcasts

holyspiritOur church in Los Angeles has begun our Life Training Series.  This class is taught by Mark Flowers and is week 1 of a class on the Holy Spirit.  In this first lesson Mark discusses some of the common misconceptions about the Holy Spirit.  He shows from the Bible that the Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing.  He also discusses that we can have a day-to-day relationship with him.  This fresh look will help you in your understanding of the nature of God and how to deepen your relationship with him.

Church in History

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in Life Training Series, podcasts

church_history1This podcast is from Week 1 of our church in Los Angeles’ Life Training Series.  It is a brief overview of the history of the church.  It starts with the church that Jesus began and then traces the history of churches showing how we got to where we are today.  It will help you figure out where you are in in that history.  You are also asked to consider where you want to go from here in your church affiliation.  This lesson is very helpful if you want to get an idea of where our modern churches in America came from.

Jesus Friend of Sinners

Written by Bob Harpole on . Posted in podcasts

Friend of SinnersOur special guest speaker this week was Reese Neyland from the Lifeway Ministry of the LA Church.  Our church in Los Angeles has outside speakers from time to time and this was a good one.  Reese spends time in God’s word in the book of Luke and looks at the calling of the apostle Peter.  He discusses how Jesus was a friend to Peter even when Peter felt as though he wasn’t worthy.  The message is a one of hope and faith.  If you have ever wondered if you are not worthy of love or if you have ever considered someone else beyond salvation then you will want to listen to this message.  Our church meets in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday mornings at 11 AM.  We have free parking located in the Roybal Learning Center complex.  The address of the free parking garage is 1151 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, 90012.  Stop by and join us for an invigorating time of worship!